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How It Works?

When exposed to sunlight, our body naturally generates melanin by converting the amino acid Tyrosine through the enzyme Tyrosinase. The greater the amount of melanin, the deeper the tan!

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Melanogenesis is the complex process in which skin pigmentation (melanin) is formed and created. The melanocytes produce melanin which is stored in the keratinocytes. Simply put our BYRONSPRAY formula speeds up this process by stimulating the melanocytes. This mean people who naturally produce less melanin white, fair skin indivuals can increase their production of melanin through our BYRONSPRAY formula. Albeit it is effective in all skin types.

Reduce Sun Exposure

Our BYRONSPRAY formula allows you to reduce unnecessary time in the sun. When we go out in the sun for to long we are damaging the cells, increasing skin damage and potentially speeding up the aging process. In response to this our bodies produce melanin (tan) as a protection mechanism for the skin. This works great but unfortunately for some individuals this isn't a viable option. May it be because of ones lifestyle, skin type or lack of time. The BYRONSPRAY formula is the way around this.

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